The Future Is Now: How LMG Will Revolutionise the Motoring Industry

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Mobility-Online was lucky enough to meet with three of the masterminds behind the Legacy Motor Group. We interviewed Leigh Claasen, Christo Lindeque, and Mpho Dipela. Mpho, who has an incredible dream that he hopes to realize with the support of his colleagues. Christo starts the interview off by saying that “the whole LMG concept of where we’re going and what we’re trying to achieve is [Mpho’s] ultimate dream. We just need to make sure that we achieve that.”
What is LMG?
The Legacy Motor Group is a community of premium automotive brands that work together to offer wholly unique and personal customer service. The current dealerships that form part of LMG are based in Polokwane, Rustenburg, and Zambesi. The official launch of the LMG brand is the 1st of September 2019, so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to find out more.
How and why LMG came to be
Legacy Motor Group was founded by Christo Lindeque, Rob Sexton and Deon Smit. Each of them has BMW coursing through their veins and it made them take their love of the brand to the next level by creating their own. LMG received quite a lot of attention from investors, of which Mpho would be extremely influential.
When asked why he decided to join LMG, Mpho says, “I think it’s not a question of joining. I came in as an investor into LMG. My intention was to create a black group – black-owned and black managed. That was the investment approach and then we had to assemble the team. The rest of the team, the investors, had to retire, but I remained with Christo. We then invited Leigh to join us, because you need a particular skill that suits this new vision that we have.” He explains that their vision was based on Blue Ocean strategy.
Blue Ocean Strategy is a marketing theory and book that was written by professors W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne. We won’t be able to give you an overview of the entire theory in this interview, but simply put, a “blue ocean” is an unknown market space without competition. According to the official website, “a blue ocean is an analogy to describe the wider, deeper potential to be found in unexplored market space. A blue ocean is vast, deep, and powerful in terms of profitable growth.”
This seems to perfectly describe the concept of LMG. The brand is the first of its kind and thus has no competitors yet. However, diving into an unknown market space has its risks. There are no other brands or competitors to turn to for guidance or definite outcomes. Despite the uncertainty, the LMG team is excited about the challenge. Leigh says, “For me, I joined the team because I like the fact that we’re taking the way that we’ve always been doing things and building a new vision into the motor industry – a new way of doing things. I think it’s exciting to be able to create a completely new concept of how we do business.”
How LMG plans to change the way they do business
“We want to position LMG as the brand of choice,” says Mpho, “a brand that every family member can see themselves belonging to. The customer-centricity approach that we have is way different from what you normally read in the books. We want to give you an experience that if you go to any other dealership, you’ll ask yourself why you should buy from one of the brands of LMG because it’s the same brand. We want to give you an experience that no other brand can offer you – an unforgettable experience that only LMG related dealerships can provide you with. We want you to be a part of the family. So that’s what we’re trying to create and that’s the journey we’re on.”
Growing with the times
“Look, as a business we are evolving,” says Mpho. “There’s new technology that is coming into the world with the new generation. So, as the motor industry, we are not exempt from that. We will position ourselves to stay relevant to retain customers. We want families, from the youngest to the oldest, to love our brand. Take MacDonald’s as a good example. They never advertise for adults. They concentrate on kids because that’s the market. And these kids influence their parents to go to MacDonald’s. If you think about it, they don’t have buying power, but they are the biggest influence on decision making to go to that specific brand. We want to apply that concept to LMG with regards to how we get young people to become the decision-makers and keep that brand loyalty throughout their lives.”
“For us, we want to create a different world and order. That’s how we’re going to try and position ourselves.”
“I think we’ve covered sort of where we’re going and what we expect will happen next year,” says Christo. “You work with the generations and that’s what it’s about. I think that’s what we understand – that we need to adapt to how we do business.”
Changing business models
“What is interesting, if you look at the current automotive model, is that this model has been running for 100 years,” says Christo. “They’re changing that model, the way O.EM’s does business, from the 1st of January, 2020.
It definitely is a risk to head into uncharted waters and completely change your way of doing business – especially if it’s been used for a whole century. But with great risk comes great reward, which is why Mobility-Online wishes the LMG team all the best for the near future. We know that they’ll overcome any potential obstacles and we look forward to seeing their brand thrive. We encourage our readers to keep an eye on LMG’s social media pages for more exciting events and information.