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What Is It?
The Volkswagen Arteon is a feat of German engineering that proves the skill and precision that goes into crafting a machine like this. This fastback is a powerful, spacious and incredibly stylish model that affords its drivers luxury and comfort wherever they go. Its striking aesthetic adds to its powerful looks and makes heads turn. The Arteon only further emphasises Volkswagen’s status as an industry leader thanks to its innovative features and overall design.

An Interactive Experience
The Arteon’s Active Info Display features a 12.3” screen which the driver can customise. This means that you can change the information displayed within the traditional speedometer and rev counter panel. This VW model also features infotainment, satellite navigation and driver-assist systems. The infotainment system also has Gesture Control which takes your driving experience even further into the future. This feature senses your hand movements so that you can swipe and toggle without [...]

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