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LET’S BRAKE IT DOWN: DISC VS DRUM-Advertising Mobility-Online South Africa - Blog Marizanne VD Linde

Braking technology has come a very long way since the hand lever. Drum brakes were revolutionary in their time, but are they still appropriate for modern cars when disc brakes seem so perfect? Read on to find out.

How Do Brakes Work?

Braking a car means slowing down the movement of the wheels by stepping on the brake pedal. Your braking system, drum or disc, applies friction or resistance to your wheels that gets converted into heat energy. The way your brakes do this is the main illustration of how disc and drum brakes differ.

Drum Brakes

Drum brakes are called this because of the drum design that houses the braking components. Inside the drum, you’ll find braking shoes. When you step on your brake pedal (which is connected to the braking system with fluid), these heat-resistant shoes are forced against the wheel to create friction to slow them down. The problem with drum brakes though, is that the heat that builds up due to the friction has nowhere to go. Heat builds up inside the drum and under stressful or strenuous conditions (like carrying a large load or going down a steep hill), this becomes a problem. Brakes are only effective as long as they can convert movement into heat, and when the brakes become worn down, they become saturated with heat and end up ineffective. Let’s face it, you don’t want your brakes failing as you come down a steep hill while carrying a heavy load. This problem of overheating and deterioration is solved with disc brakes.

Disc Brakes

Disc brakes are made up of a small rotor and a calliper. Inside this calliper, you’ll find two brake pads that go around the rotor. When you step on the brake pedal, these pads are clamped together to slow down the wheels. The main difference between drum and disc brakes is what happens to the heat energy that’s generated by the friction in the braking system. Thanks to not being housed in a drum, your disc braking system is very unlikely to overheat. This is because it is exposed to open air that cools the brakes much faster than they would have been cooled inside a drum. This also reduces the rate of deterioration and fading. Instead of having to replace the entire braking system, you can simply replace your brake pads instead.

Shouldn’t All Cars Have Disc Brakes?

Ideally, sure. Disc brakes are more effective and practical. But they’re also more expensive. Disc brakes were first used on high performance racing cars and eventually became popular with modern, everyday cars thanks to their safety. Many cars today have disc brakes in the front two wheels (because most of the stopping power comes from the front), and drum brakes at the back. This means that the car should be slightly more affordable than it would have been with disc brakes all around. However, this doesn’t mean that your back wheels’ brakes are ineffective or dangerous. Modern drum brakes have come a very long way and would probably by suitable for all four wheels. If you’re someone who just drives their car as a means to get from A to B, you’ll be perfectly safe. if you’re a race car driver, you’ll need a high-performance car with high-performance brakes to optimise your performance.

Regardless of which brakes you use, you should make sure to maintain them properly. Maintaining your brakes (a topic we’ll cover in another article) not only keeps you and others safe on the roads, but it will also save you a fortune in the long-run.
Let us know what you thought of our article in the comments below. If you would like to contribute an article or write a review, let us know! We’d love to work with you. Alternatively, you can contact us at www.mobility-online.co.za. Stay safe on the roads!

BMW Midrand

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Explore the latest demo vehicles for sale. Browse for special deals on demo cars – SUVs, sedans, crossovers, minivans and more.






There is a timeless stereotype that used car salespeople are at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to showing honesty to their customers. People expect to be cheated and act accordingly. Have these salespeople earned this bad reputation or have the actions of a small number of sleezy salespeople shaped the opinions of the public?

White Lies and Half Truths

There’s no denying that there will always be a measure of dishonesty when it comes to marketing your product or business. After all, you do need to set yourself and your business apart from the rest of the competition. The problem comes in when these white lies or embellishments become outright lies. Take job applications as an example. You might say that you can speak conversational French, when in reality you can only say a few basic phrases. Unless you’re applying for a job that involves speaking French, you might never be called out on your white lie. If, however, you tell your potential employer that you have years of restaurant management experience while you only ever worked as a server, then you’ve got a big problem.

You could definitely apply that example to the used car industry. A used car dealer could buy a car that was in dire need of serious repairs and then fix it with subpar parts to sell it again for a profit as an “excellent” car. Some dealers (although I hesitate to call them anything other than criminals) even sell totalled or stolen cars to their unsuspecting customers for a massive profit. That being said, not all car salespeople are liars and cheats – no more than all attorneys or insurance brokers or mechanics. Dishonesty, like death and taxes, is an unavoidable part of life.

Lying on the Lot

You might think that you’d have to speak to a salesperson face to face before encountering any dishonest practices, but in today’s digital age, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Vehicle sellers have been evolving with the times and have joined the online revolution to market their products on classifieds websites and vehicle listing billboards. If these sellers are honest, transparent and sincere, then online listings are an amazing way for them to gain loyal customers. The customers themselves also have the chance to view the cars, plan their finances and get to know the seller first, which removes the dreaded uncertainty of stepping onto a lot without any prior knowledge.

If they’re dishonest or out to exploit their customers, then digital advertising could make it much easier for them to do so. Photos can be manipulated; details can be forged and auctions can still be rigged. It might actually be easier if it’s done online.

Finding Honest Car Salespeople

Keeping the above in mind, it could be easy to feel discouraged or frustrated. How are you meant to hold your own against someone who’s been in the industry for years and knows how to sell ice to a snowman? The quick answer is that you don’t. Instead of trying to challenge dishonest salespeople, avoid them entirely by learning how to recognise dishonest practices. If you do realise that they’re treating their customers unfairly, make sure to tell your loved ones to avoid them as well. (Keep in mind that many companies are able to sue for defamation, even if you were mostly in the right. This is why we suggest you leave an honest review of their services and end all contact as soon as possible.)

How to Recognise Dishonest Salespeople?

An honest salesperson’s goals are friendly service, consistent product or service quality, and honest communication. That’s easy enough. But what about dishonest salespeople? I’d like to believe that we could all ascribe to the idea that any stranger is a friend until proven an enemy, but unfortunately that’s not always feasible. When approaching a service provider like a car salesperson, it would be best to do your own research in advance. Ask yourself the following questions:

• 1. Does this company or service provider have authentic, positive reviews? Have they addressed the issues mentioned in negative reviews?
• 2. Do they have any social media feeds or websites where you can view their products or services? (This question could be ignored for smaller businesses that tend to work on word of mouth. Although it would be best to speak to some of their previous clients if you can.)
• 3. Are they willing to meet up and/or discuss their products or services?
• 4. Are they willing to provide you with the names or contact details of previous clients (with that client’s permission, of course)?
• 5. Are they open and communicative over text and in person?

These questions might not be fool-proof, but they do give you a good foundation of what to look out for. If you have any more questions about how to find reputable dealers, contact us today. We would love to help you find you dream car, even if we aren’t the sellers!

Article : Marizanne Linde

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Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

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Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Think about the last time you received a flyer. The chances are high that you can still remember what that flyer was advertising. Now, think of the last advertisement you saw on social media. Can you remember who posted it, let alone what it was about? Studies have shown that people view physical advertisements as more “real”, which leads us to believe that it makes a bigger impact on customers. So, with the proof that traditional marketing still has some value to it, how does it weigh up against the constantly shifting digital marketing trends of today?

Traditional Marketing

Some of us might imagine an ancient printing press churning out flyers when we hear the words “traditional marketing”. We tend to forget about radio advertisements, billboards, and magazines, just to name a few. Chron.com defines traditional marketing as “any type of promotion, advertising or campaign that has been in use by companies for years, and that has a proven success rate”.

Advantages of Traditional Marketing

            Reach the right audience

            If you advertise using flyers or posters, you reach a very specific audience of people who live and\or work in the same area.

Leave your mark

Physical advertising has been proven as highly effective by this study. That is because people see it as more “real” as opposed to digital marketing. It has an air of permanence that we don’t
experience with other marketing methods which is what makes it stand out.

            Keep it simple

Sometimes less truly is more, especially when it comes to marketing. One strong marketing campaign is all it takes to make an incredible impact and leave your mark and nothing says
simplicity like traditional marketing.

Disadvantages of Traditional Marketing


Advertising is expensive. Traditional marketing even more so. This is partly due to the fact that more labour is required for it to be effective (e.g. people to hand out flyers, put up posters).
Radio or tv time is also extremely expensive and sometimes not as effective as one could hope.


Because there is so little interaction between the method of marketing and the clients/target audience, there isn’t always a concrete way of measuring its effectiveness. There is no sure way
to know if your pamphlet was saved for later or crumpled and thrown away immediately.

Digital Marketing

Wikipedia defines digital marketing as “Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.” This also includes social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

            Bigger audience

            Marketing your business on social media or other digital platforms not only reaches your target audience, but everyone else too. Marketing online is international as well as
constantly available.


Unlike paying for extra labour or material, posting a video or picture is often totally free. It also doesn’t cost your followers or subscribers anything to share your content.


            Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing is often measurable. For example, if you use email marketing software, you could see who opened your email, clicked on a link or even

Disadvantages of Digital Marketing 

            Visible Criticism

            If a customer is unsatisfied with your service or product quality, they could choose to share their feelings on your website or social media page, which is visible to everyone else. This way,
everyone can see your negative publicity and this could greatly harm your business.

Not 100% Secure

Needless to say, it’s impossible to hack a flyer or a poster. Digital marketing has the risk of being hacked or distributed under different contexts which could, just like visible criticism, harm your image.

How Millennials Are Changing the Transportation Industry South Africa Gauteng

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Millennials have been praised, questioned, and outrightly scolded for the ways they’ve impacted society. Born between the early 1980’s and the early 2000’s, millennials differ vastly from their parents, especially in their decisions regarding transportation. So, what does this hold in store for the automotive industry in South Africa?

Millennials tend to value practicality and efficiency over luxury. They are moving away from the idea that a car is a status symbol. More young professionals are making use of public or shared transportation to get from A to B in the quickest, easiest and most affordable way possible. Because of this, they also tend to be more open to new brands. If a brand can offer them a vehicle that aligns with their safety, comfort and financial needs, they might be willing to try it.

Unlike their Baby Boomer parents, millennials are not impulse buyers. Many of them carry debt due to student loans and with the unemployment rate being as high as it is, even fewer millennials are willing to take financial risks. Instead of relying on car dealerships for information about possible choices, this tech-savvy generation does its own research in advance. This grants companies the opportunity to expand their digital platforms and explore the largely untapped potential of online automotive marketing.

Instead of clinging to conventions and fearing what a change in demographics might mean, companies should jump at the chance to remodel and disrupt their traditional values/techniques and, just like this unconventional, ground-breaking generation, become the pioneers of their industry.