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The ultimate guide to buying a car in SA

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Hello there! If you’re considering getting a new car, please take a minute or two to read this article. This guide will hopefully answer any questions you might have about how to buy, finance or insure a car in South Africa. We also list the documents you need to buy a car in South Africa, as well as the sales process of buying new or used vehicles. Please use the index to navigate through the article and find the information that you need. Feel free to check our website for new and used cars to sale from registered and reputable dealerships in SA.
Why People Buy Cars
Making the decision to buy a new (or new to you) car is about much more than wanting an exciting change. It’s usually because your current car doesn’t fit your changing lifestyle or budget anymore. It could also be that a newer model of your current car is available for a trade-in and you can comfortably afford to upgrade. The worst-case scenario is that your car was stolen or written off in an accident. If you’re in the market for a new car, you need to understand how you can buy, finance and insure your purchase.
Buying New
Many people will tell you that buying a new car in South Africa is one of the worst financial decisions you could make. While it’s true that you could save a significant amount of money if you buy a car that’s two or three years old instead, new cars have some great benefits. There’s a reason why countless South Africans are driving off the lot with brand new cars.
Better finance rates and warranties
Buying a new car could mean that you’ll be paying a lower interest than you would have with a second-hand car. You will most probably receive a one- or two-year warranty from your chosen dealership when you purchase your car.
Broader selection
You won’t be limited by what’s available like you would when buying second-hand. You can choose the features, accessories, and colours that you want.

Better resale value
You’ll hopefully have quite a few years of fun and excitement with your car before needing to sell it again. When you buy a new car, you can sell it again one day without it being too much of a loss. Your car will most likely get you much more thanks to its mileage and history than a car that’s been sold several times.

Current tech and features
You don’t have to settle for a car without modern tech. New cars come with modern safety features, great accessories and all the new technology you might need. Better yet, if any of these features malfunction within the first year, you can have the repairs done under warranty.
Here comes the age-old problem of buying new cars. You’ve been warned about your new car loses half its value the second it leaves the lot. While the reality isn’t nearly as drastic, your car definitely depreciates quickly. Your car will depreciate about 15% per year.
Insurance for new cars is a bit pricier than that of second-hand cars. That’s because some dealerships require you to fully cover your car until you’ve paid it off. The newer the car, the higher the premiums are.
New cars are damn expensive, there’s no way around it. You could technically buy the exact same car after two years and pay 30% less for the same features.
Buying process
Before driving off with your new purchase, you need to go through a specific buying process. This process might differ from dealership to dealership, so make sure to enquire about it beforehand. The general steps should look a little like this:
Go through a credit check.
Choose your finance plan (read more on Financing below).
Get your loan pre-approved.
Choose the car that you’d like to buy.
Apply for a loan.
Get vehicle insurance (read more on Insurance below).
Documents You Will Need
Your chosen dealership will most likely take care of the relevant paperwork for you, but you might need the following documents when you go to the dealership:
driver’s license
proof of insurance
your insurance agent’s contact information
current pay stub
proof of residence
Buying Used
Demo cars are new cars that have been used for test drives and rentals from a registered dealership. These cars are usually put up for sale after one or two years of being test-driven. these cars a popular choice for those who want a fairly new car without the hefty price tag of a fresh-off-the-lot car.
Great price
Demo cars are a cheaper option for those who would still like modern safety features and technology.
Most problems in the first year have been fixed
Demo cars that are a year old are generally safer than brand new cars thanks to fixing any problem that may have arisen during the first 12 months.
Higher mileage
These cars are called demos for a reason. They, of course, have much higher mileage than new cars due to being used for staff use and test drives for a year or two.
Less variety
You won’t have a massive variety of colours and specifications to choose from when you’re looking for a specific demo model.
Buying process
The buying process for a demo vehicle is almost exactly the same as buying a new vehicle from the same dealership. Make sure you speak to your sales representative about the documents and financing you’ll need to buy that specific car.
Second hand
Second hand or pre-owned cars are what most people tend to look at first. These cars have usually had more than one owner in the past and buyers are advised to check a pre-owned cars history before doing anything else. There are certain risks involved in buying second-hand cars from private sellers, but there are reputable and professional dealerships that can help you find an affordable and reliable pre-owned car without too much hassle. If you would like some more information on what to look out for when buying a second-hand car, feel free to browse through our blog.
The price is the biggest perk of buying a pre-owned car in South Africa. They can be almost 50% cheaper than a new car and still be in great condition.
Better insurance
Like we mentioned earlier, the newer the car the higher your monthly premiums will be. With pre-owned cars, you’ll have lower interest rates and therefore lower premiums.
More repair costs
Pre-owned cars aren’t lawn ornaments – they’ve been driven and, in some case, driven hard. That’s why we advise against buying supercars or sports cars second hand. The odds are high that the previous owners got the most out of their cars before trying to sell them. These cars could come with dozens of repair problems.
Not as many choices
When buying a pre-owned car, you need to set up a list of features that you need, an ideal mileage and your preferred price. After all this, you might not be left with a wide variety to choose from. You’ll also have to wait until you find your “perfect” car, which could take quite a while if you’re not willing to compromise.
Lower resale value
The older your car gets and the more mileage it has, the less you’ll get for it if you ever decide to sell it again. A car that changes hands every two years will never sell for the same value as a car that has had one owner. This is because buyers tend to wonder why a car is being sold again so quickly after it was bought.
Documents You Will Need
Sales Agreement between you and the seller.
Change of Ownership forms obtained from the local licensing department.
Have a Roadworthiness Test done.
Have your insurance in place before driving off with your new car.
Register your vehicle. You will need to go with the seller to a registration office and bring the following:
ID or Passport
The seller’s vehicle registration certificate
A roadworthy certificate (only if the registration certificate is older than six months)
Sales agreement or a receipt as proof of purchase
A valid license
A completed RLV – Blue form for registration and licensing
Application fee
Trading In
You deal with one person
You could ask a few dealerships to price your car, but in the end, your whole transaction will be taken care of by one dealer. You simply have to negotiate the price; sign some paperwork and you’re done. It’s the ideal option if you don’t have the time or energy to market the car on your own.
It’s quick and easy
Private sales take a lot of time and effort. You have to create ads online, answer loads of emails and phone calls, take people for test drives and deal with the admin of transferring ownership. With a trade-in, it’s all done for you in just a few days.
Get a better price on a new car
Because a dealership will be keen to get the business of a new car, you will have some bargaining power to wield. If your trade-in car is paid off, the cash can be put towards a new car.
A dealer still has to make a profit on your car, which means they won’t give you the retail value for it but rather a reduced price.
If you have a very old or less popular model of car, you might not get as much cash as you’d hoped for.
If you choose to trade in your car for a new car at the same dealership, you will be limited to their stock and availability.
Typically, you would see a car at a dealership you want and the dealer would agree to buy your old car from you and apply that price as credit toward the purchase of the new car. ‘Trading’ is not as simple as swapping keys – it usually requires additional money or a loan to get a new vehicle.
Documents you will need
Proof of ownership: If your car is paid off, get the proof of ownership documentation and a letter stating that the vehicle has no outstanding finance on it from your bank.
Outstanding finance: Request a settlement letter from the financial institution where the vehicle is financed, and tell them that you’re planning to sell the car.
Roadworthiness certificate: This certificate is only valid for 21 days and can be obtained at a vehicle testing station.
NCO (yellow) form: A Notification of Change of Ownership form should be submitted to the Department of Transport to notify them that the vehicle will have a new owner.
Receipts and service history: Take your original manufacturer service book along to the dealership, plus any receipts you have for maintenance or repairs on the vehicle.
Car financing
Most people can’t afford to buy new or used car cash. That’s why countless South Africans turn to vehicle financing to help them pay for their car. there are several different kinds of financing options, but we’ll only be discussing three of them below.
Consumer finance
This type of finance is great for getting your own car (as opposed to a company car). In this case, your case is considered as loan security. Like all loans, make sure to read the fine print and know what exactly you’re paying for.
Basic personal loans
These loans are more varied and offer more freedom to you. You can buy older cars (10+ years), imported cars and more and still finance your purchase. You will, however, need loan security other than your car.
Business car loans
You can finance a car for business use if you’re a business owner. You can also choose to lease a vehicle instead of purchasing one.
Car insurance
Comprehensive cover
This type of insurance covers the most (hence the word “comprehensive”). It covers your vehicle in case of damage (accidental or weather conditions), theft and hijacking. It also covers the costs of an accident if you’re the one responsible for it. This tends to be the most expensive kind of insurance.
Third-party, fire and theft cover
This is quite similar to comprehensive coverage but it doesn’t cover accidental damage. For example, your car will be covered in the case of theft, but not if you’re in an accident. It does, however, cover any damages to a third party’s vehicle if you were responsible for the accident.
Third-party insurance
This kind of insurance covers any damages or injuries of a third party if you were responsible for an accident. Your own vehicle’s damage or theft is not covered and you’ll have to pay any costs out of pocket. This also tends to be the most inexpensive type of coverage.

There you have it for our ultimate car buying guide in South Africa! We hope that we’ve covered most of your questions about how to buy, finance and insure a car. If you’re in the market for a car, feel free to take a look at our website where we list new and used cars for sale in South Africa. If you have any other questions about how to check a second-hand car before buying, how to finance your car or how to insure your car, please let us know in the comments below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

BMW Midrand

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Explore the latest demo vehicles for sale. Browse for special deals on demo cars – SUVs, sedans, crossovers, minivans and more.

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Demo Vehicles For Sale Pretoria And Gauteng

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Explore the latest demo vehicles for sale. Browse for special deals on demo cars – SUVs, sedans, crossovers, minivans and more.

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There is a timeless stereotype that used car salespeople are at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to showing honesty to their customers. People expect to be cheated and act accordingly. Have these salespeople earned this bad reputation or have the actions of a small number of sleezy salespeople shaped the opinions of the public?

White Lies and Half Truths

There’s no denying that there will always be a measure of dishonesty when it comes to marketing your product or business. After all, you do need to set yourself and your business apart from the rest of the competition. The problem comes in when these white lies or embellishments become outright lies. Take job applications as an example. You might say that you can speak conversational French, when in reality you can only say a few basic phrases. Unless you’re applying for a job that involves speaking French, you might never be called out on your white lie. If, however, you tell your potential employer that you have years of restaurant management experience while you only ever worked as a server, then you’ve got a big problem.

You could definitely apply that example to the used car industry. A used car dealer could buy a car that was in dire need of serious repairs and then fix it with subpar parts to sell it again for a profit as an “excellent” car. Some dealers (although I hesitate to call them anything other than criminals) even sell totalled or stolen cars to their unsuspecting customers for a massive profit. That being said, not all car salespeople are liars and cheats – no more than all attorneys or insurance brokers or mechanics. Dishonesty, like death and taxes, is an unavoidable part of life.

Lying on the Lot

You might think that you’d have to speak to a salesperson face to face before encountering any dishonest practices, but in today’s digital age, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Vehicle sellers have been evolving with the times and have joined the online revolution to market their products on classifieds websites and vehicle listing billboards. If these sellers are honest, transparent and sincere, then online listings are an amazing way for them to gain loyal customers. The customers themselves also have the chance to view the cars, plan their finances and get to know the seller first, which removes the dreaded uncertainty of stepping onto a lot without any prior knowledge.

If they’re dishonest or out to exploit their customers, then digital advertising could make it much easier for them to do so. Photos can be manipulated; details can be forged and auctions can still be rigged. It might actually be easier if it’s done online.

Finding Honest Car Salespeople

Keeping the above in mind, it could be easy to feel discouraged or frustrated. How are you meant to hold your own against someone who’s been in the industry for years and knows how to sell ice to a snowman? The quick answer is that you don’t. Instead of trying to challenge dishonest salespeople, avoid them entirely by learning how to recognise dishonest practices. If you do realise that they’re treating their customers unfairly, make sure to tell your loved ones to avoid them as well. (Keep in mind that many companies are able to sue for defamation, even if you were mostly in the right. This is why we suggest you leave an honest review of their services and end all contact as soon as possible.)

How to Recognise Dishonest Salespeople?

An honest salesperson’s goals are friendly service, consistent product or service quality, and honest communication. That’s easy enough. But what about dishonest salespeople? I’d like to believe that we could all ascribe to the idea that any stranger is a friend until proven an enemy, but unfortunately that’s not always feasible. When approaching a service provider like a car salesperson, it would be best to do your own research in advance. Ask yourself the following questions:

• 1. Does this company or service provider have authentic, positive reviews? Have they addressed the issues mentioned in negative reviews?
• 2. Do they have any social media feeds or websites where you can view their products or services? (This question could be ignored for smaller businesses that tend to work on word of mouth. Although it would be best to speak to some of their previous clients if you can.)
• 3. Are they willing to meet up and/or discuss their products or services?
• 4. Are they willing to provide you with the names or contact details of previous clients (with that client’s permission, of course)?
• 5. Are they open and communicative over text and in person?

These questions might not be fool-proof, but they do give you a good foundation of what to look out for. If you have any more questions about how to find reputable dealers, contact us today. We would love to help you find you dream car, even if we aren’t the sellers!

Article : Marizanne Linde

Free Vehicle Advertising For All!

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Zambezi Cars For Sale

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Trade Your Vehicle


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Find a Pre-Owned BMW Online | SA’s Leading, Secure Auto Site‎

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Impeccable Fashion, Meet Automotive Excellence South Africa

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What do you think of when you hear the word luxury? You might see yourself stepping out of a rumbling sportscar in your tailor-made three-piece suit. Maybe you’re the starlet in red lipstick cruising past in your cabriolet. Regardless of what you think luxury is, chances are that it involves a mixture of beauty, power, and quality.

It’s no secret that luxury brands like Maserati and Lamborghini exclusively manufacture works of art. Masterpieces like the all new Levante GTS is a perfect example of the marriage between precision and sheer beauty and how important a keen eye for style is when designing high-end vehicles. What you might not know is that fashion designers and automotive manufacturers have worked together since the dawn of the automotive age and have no intentions of ending that connection any time soon.

Read more about fashion in the automotive industry Car News SA .

High-end manufacturers understand that there is more to designing a perfect car than simply having a comfortable drive. Fashion designers understand that there is more to style than aesthetic value. By combining their efforts, car manufacturers and fashion experts can create something that is not only a pleasure to look at, but also a pleasure to drive.

Here are four of the most iconic cars manufactured and influenced by fashion designers.

Cadillac Seville Gucci Edition


This 1979 car was pure Cadillac on the inside, but was shipped in stock form and modified by Gucci’s top designers. Only 300 of these cars were ever manufactured and sported the following adjustments:

  • A Gucci nameplate on the steering wheel centre hub, the passenger side of the dashboard and on the pillars
  • The firm’s exclusive fabric material on the headrests, armrests, headliner, and floor mats
  • The trademark interlocking double “G” on a vinyl top covering only the car’s C-pillar.
  • A gold Gucci hood ornament
  • Gold emblems on the wheels, front fenders and C-Pillar
  • Green and red stripes across the trunk lid

Aldo Gucci, the son of the founder of the Italian company said that “The Gucci styling we have created for this car is designed to give a fortunate few owners a rare possession of distinction, beauty and ultimate luxury”.


Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640 Versace




This limited-edition Lamborghini Versace Murcielago LP 640, unveiled in 2006 at the Paris Motor Show, was available in black or white and only 20 cars were ever manufactured, of which 8 were for sale.

Available as coupés and roadsters, these cars’ custom interiors were finished in bi-colour Nero over Bianco leather seats stitched with the Versace Greco motif in two-toned Versace leather. The centre console also sported a Gianni Versace logo plaque. As if driving it as is wasn’t enough, each car came with matching Versace luggage, driving shoes, gloves, and a matching watch.


Bugatti Veyron par Hermès


The Bugatti Veyron Hermès  is what happens when you allow two international design giants to combine their expertise. This car is as exclusive and luxurious as its creators and this is proven by the fact that only 4 cars were ever made.

The Veyron par Hermès sports the iconic bi-colour bodyshell – a parallel to the interior bi-colour upholstery. The signature Hermès seams style is also reflected in the vents on the edge of the rims. The Hermès brand symbol is also shown on the aluminium grilles and intercoolers. The interior was designed and produced from scratch in the Hermès workshops in Paris.  Hermès proved itself true to its reputation by using only the highest quality fabrics and materials to complete this automotive masterpiece.

Maserati Quattroporte Ermenegildo Zegna  

maserati zegna.jpg

In our totally biased opinion, the Maserati Quattroporte Zegna might be the only car on this list to compare to the Bugatti Veyron Hermès in terms of attention to detail and overall beauty. The Italian automotive manufacturer once again partnered with the Ermenegildo Zegna fashion house to create a car that radiates luxury and class. The limited-edition car also comes with a 19-piece owners’ collections that includes a calfskin leather travel bag and an assortment of limited-edition clothing pieces.

The interior is made up entirely of ZegnaSilk fabric, ultra-fine leather, and walnut trim. The Maserati Trident is also embossed on the different features of the interior. Even the exterior colour is called Platinum Silk, a colour made up of aluminium pigments exclusive to this specific edition. It’s clear form this stunning car’s success and reception that Maserati and Ermenegildo Zegna will not be parting ways in the near future.

Would you invest in any of these cars? Let us know why or why not in the comments below or visit our Facebook page for more information. 

Student Transport 101: 5 Universities Doing It Right

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The academic year has officially kicked off and the excitement in the air is contagious. Students are moving into their new (or old) homes for the year and thinking, dreaming, and worrying about what 2019 might bring. Some students might be a bit wary about travelling on their own, but lucky for them, most universities offer transport to and from their respective campuses. For more information about these universities’ transport services, read on.

Please keep in mind that the transport options listed in this article do not include metered taxis, Ubers, or students’ own cars.

University of Witwatersrand

Intercampus Bus Service

Students who are in need of transport can take the Inter Campus Bus to and from the Education Campus, the Health Science Campus, and Main Campus. There is also a bus to and from Rosebank on weekends for students in residences. These buses are free of charge to all students and staff members who can show a valid student card or identification.

Rea Vaya

The Rea Vaya buses travel to the inner city as well as Florida North, Yeoville, Cresta and Parktown. Although these buses are not exclusively open to students, university students who travel with these buses get a 10% discount between 8:30 am and 3:00 pm. Students are also exempt from loading fees at these bus stations. Cash can be loaded onto smartcards at any Rea Vaya Station or ABSA cash-accepting ATM.


University of Pretoria

Bus Services

The University of Pretoria offers transport to and from its Hatfield, Mamelodi, Groenkloof, and Prinshof campuses free of charge. The university’s website does not list a bus schedule to Onderstepoort. The buses run on a set schedule that is occasionally updated on the university website. Tuks also offers specialised bus services during exam times with buses travelling from Sunnyside and Arcadia.

Rent A Bike

Many students also make use of bicycles. These bikes are available to rent from the University of Pretoria. There are sufficient bike racks on campus and many students use their bicycles to get from one class to another.


University of Cape Town

Jammie Shuttle

The University of Cape Town has its famous Jammie Shuttle that transports students and staff between campuses free of charge. The shuttle also runs on weekends and a Sunday timetable is followed on specified public holidays. There is also a night service available.

Golden Arrow Buses

Cape Town’s Golden Arrow Bus Service has been running for over 150 years and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Students can easily access these buses from different points on campus. According to the UCT website, these buses are “accessible from Main Road, Rondebosch, and the Jammie Shuttle stops in Claremont and Mowbray.”

MyCiti Buses

The MyCiti initiative focuses on being as eco-friendly as possible while still offering efficient services to the public. These buses work with the Jammie Shuttle and are easily accessible from campus.

University of Stellenbosch

Because the main campus is situated in the middle of the town, most students make use of bicycles, skateboards, longboards, and lift-clubs. There are also some parking spaces available, although it has been noted that there aren’t many and some students might park a bit further.

Campus Shuttle Service

There is a shuttle that travels in and around Stellenbosch departments and points of interest.

Matie Bikes

These bicycles are available for rent by students and are fairly popular. They’re not only affordable but also eco-friendly. The bikes sport the university’s maroon colour and are easily recognisable. The bicycle rates are available on the university’s website.


University of Kwazulu-Natal

Inter Campus Bus Service

Bus transport is provided during the week to take students between the Westville and Howard College campuses. The details of the departure times are available on the university’s Facebook page.


If you attend any of these universities and we’ve left out key points or given false information, please contact us. Likewise, if you think that your university should be added to this list, let us know at www.mobility-online.co.za. We’d like to wish students from all across South Africa a happy and prosperous 2019. As always, stay safe on the roads and happy travels!

High-end, Pre-owned Luxury Cars Offer Class and Value for South Africans

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South Africans like their luxury vehicles. You know it. We know it.


For high-net-worth individuals, the reality of owning a fleet of high-end cars and SUVs isn’t some daydream. However, it’s also a real possibility for savvy shoppers who keep their eyes out for the best deals on the continent.

According to the South African Wealth Report by New World Wealth, a global market research group, the nation’s wealthy most often splurge on top-end vehicles from brands like: Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, and Mclaren.

Purchasing such high-end vehicles is about more than four wheels and a machine designed to perfection, it’s about joining a society, about joining a club, about joining a select group of individuals in S.A.—in the world.

It should be no surprise that luxury SUVs, such as the Porsche Cayenne Turbo and the Range Rover 5.0L V8, are among the most popular purchases in S.A. Their high-road clearance, safety, and usefulness when the roads get bad or you want to take the family out on a game reserve, make them an ideal blend of utility and luxury in Africa.

Of course, if you’re cruising Joburg or Cape Town, you might not need the clearance offered by an SUV. Instead, you might find yourself opting for some of the other popular models, such as a Rolls-Royce Phantom, a Ferrari 458 Italia, or a Mercedes-Benz AMG SL.

Even if you have the cash on hand or the credit to drop 1 million or 1.5 million rand on your next vehicle—sports car or SUV—it doesn’t mean you need to.

New High-End Cars Coming to South Africa

With new cars coming onto the market it might be time to retire last years models. If you have the garage space, or if you’re a collector, you’ll probably want to cancel the car’s insurance and park it. However, if you’re looking to upgrade, it makes a lot more sense to register your car with Premium Mobility, allowing the high-end, luxury car experts match your vehicle with a buyer.


The top sexiest cars coming to South Africa’s shores this year are the Audi A7 Sportback, Rolls-Royce Phantom, Lexus LS, and Audi A8. The Audi A7 Sportback is sharper designed beauty boasting a new mild hybrid system.

The eighth-generation Rolls-Royce Phantom will be running on new aluminium “spaceframe” underpinnings and be powered by a 6,75-litre V12 engine, linked to a ZF-sourced eight-speed automatic transmission that now employs two turbochargers. The fifth-generation Lexus LS claims to have a 0-100 km/h time of 4.5 seconds, while the fourth-generation Audi A8 will be packing a lot of semi-autonomous technological features.

High-end Vehicles Are About More Than Luxury—They’re About Safety

Taking a premium approach to your safety and the safety of your family is worth the extra money. High-end cars are the only models created where no expense was spared, producing vehicles that excel both in terms of performance and safety.

They are created with robust chassis and expensive safety technology, as well as more research and development than the average person can even conceptualize. It should be no surprise to see the BMW 535 i, BMW 535 is, BMW 535xi, and Mercedes-Benz M-class SUV on the list of 11 car and SUV models in which no one died during a four-year period, according to CNN Money. Of course, in general, vehicles are becoming safer—and SUVs even more so.

“The reason a particular manufacturer will do well on a test is because of intent,” Raul Arbelaez, vice-president of vehicle research at the U.S. Insurance Institute for Highway, told The Globe And Mail. “From the beginning of the design process, these manufacturers are putting in the engineering resources to make sure they have the right structures, the right restraint systems to protect the occupants.”

High-end, Pre-owned Cars that Purr

Buying any vehicle from a stranger can be a crapshoot. Sometimes, they’re shooting straight. Sometimes, they’re trying to pull one over on you, which makes purchasing a high-end vehicle from a trusted source your best option.

Premium Mobility hand picks and pre-approves every single vehicle they sell, ensuring the cars and SUVs meet all requirements, standards, and laws. More importantly, they ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

When you’re selecting a luxury, pre-owned vehicle valued between R500,000 and R1.2mn, you want to know exactly what you’re getting, which is why Premium Mobility guarantees that all vehicles sold through their site come with a warranty, have never been damaged in an accident, and include a full, verifiable service history.

Once you’re registered with the company, you can decide on all the details of exactly what you’re looking for, and they’ll keep an eye out for your next dream car.

Depreciation When New Cars Come

New cars are a bad investment. People often joke that your shiny new SUV loses half of its value during the first mile it rolls after leaving the lot. That is not the case with high-end, pre-owned vehicles.

Depreciation does hit hard and fast, but it plateaus quickly because of this. Often, when the first owner of a luxury vehicle is ready to trade up, they are not overly concerned with retaining the value of their original purchase. It’s not uncommon to see the price slashed by nearly 60 percent of what they paid for the vehicle. But, after that first steep dive, the price of the car will stabilize, assuming that it is well-maintained and doesn’t end up in a crash.

This means that a pre-owned, luxury car not only is a steal but that it’s an affordable investment.

High-end, Pre-owned Luxury Cars Offer Class and Value for South Africans

From safety to class and style, it’s no wonder that South Africa’s high-net-worth individuals are spending their extra cash on high-end, luxury vehicles. Many of these people are more than willing to pay top dollar for the newest models to reach the continent—which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

However, that means the pre-owned market is ripe with beautiful luxury vehicles looking for a second owner to take them home. Look at what’s out there and make an affordable investment that can get you around.

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Buying a vehicle is a big decision South Africa Pretoria

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Buying a vehicle is a big decision. There are so many factors to consider and it could be a bit overwhelming at times.

Luckily, Mobility Online gives you the freedom to make your own educated choices when buying a vehicle. We ensure that you get the right trade-in price for your old vehicle and we solely associate ourselves with accredited service providers.

We’ve been part of the motor industry in South African for decades. It has given us the knowledge and experience to ensure we not only provide a safe platform for you as a buyer or seller, but that we also provide vehicles and related services from reputable service providers with who we have longstanding relationships.

If you’re interested in buying a vehicle, make sure it is through Mobility Online. We represent some of the largest vehicle brands across our dealer network in South Africa and we’re available 24/7.